Discover NANOLIGHT technology and its applications in 2 min
NANOLIGHT technology uses phosphor excitement to produce a luminous radiance
It’s the reaction which consists in the emission of a luminous radiance coming from a semiconductor excitement here phosphor by an electric power with some frequency.
NANOLIGHT strips are various widths and produced in rolls which thickness isn’t wider than 1mm (0.04 inches).
So, NANOLIGHT technology is: The world’s widest, thinnest, longest light bulb.






It exist two “primary” colours for NANOLIGHT strips:
- Blue/green lighted, which is pale green switched off (natural phosphor colour)
- White, which is pink switched off
The 6 added Standard colours are:
  • Green, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink
Colours available for strips under 7.62cm width (3inch).
Other personalized colours are possible with adhesive coloured filters.


bandes lumineuses couleur



NANOLIGHT strips can be cut easily to the length whished.
It’s also possible to fold the NANOLIGHT strip.


bande lumineuse decoupable
origami lumineux